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LogglyNLoggerTarget by tiernano

An NLog Target for Loggly

A Loggly target for NLog

You will need to configure Loggly as follows: That should be it. Any questions, shout... details below



You can now install Loggly Target using NuGET:

for the AnyCPU build use:

PM> Install-Package LogglyTarget

if you want the x64 version, use:

PM> Install-Package LogglyTarget.x64

Your NLog.config should look something like:


Tiernan OToole (tiernan [at] tiernanotoole [dot] net) @tiernano


Tiernan OToole (tiernan [at] tiernanotoole [dot] net) @tiernano


You can download this project code in either zip or tar formats.

You can also clone the project with Git by running:

$ git clone git://